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Portfolio Acquisitions




Principal Business of the Company


The Company was incorporated on June 13, 2014 under the name Alexander Chrisitian Business Development Corporation  pursuant to the Corporations Act (WYOMING).  Our principal executive offices are located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Alexander Christian Business Development Corporation  is a business development corporation that is actively involved in the formation, management and operation of emerging companies developing products or services that we believe can become leaders in their respective markets.  In addition to providing a comprehensive array of strategic and infrastructure services, the Company may provide early stage capital or facilitate capital raising.  The Company may also form operating subsidiaries to develop business opportunities that otherwise come to its attention from time to time.


We continue to build the internal corporate and managerial capabilities we need to support our planned growth and the growth of our Associated Businesses and Portfolio Companies. To accelerate this growth, we may seek additional capital in the public or private securities markets later in the year. In future years, we intend to continue to grow our business through internal expansion and acquisitions supported by periodic capital-raising.


Our operations have thus far been limited to start-up and organizational activities, including building our management team, raising our initial capital, hiring technical and operational personnel and marketing our business.  We are currently engaged in the initial analysis of, and discussions with, potential business development opportunities. Activities to conduct services have commenced with pre-screeened Clients. in providing  business development roles. 


Business Selection and Analysis


We will generate business development opportunities through the sources and contacts of our management and directors. These contacts and sources include, public and private companies, investment bankers, lawyers, accountants, consultants and commercial bankers.  Given the history and long-term relationships, opportunities have been under review warranting either direct investment, acquisition or syndication of funding in order for ACBDC to participate once Due Diligence has been completed. In some cases, the Directors may have an indirect or direct interest and such disclosures will be provided should events and / or activities arise. 


We will be highly selective with respect to those business development opportunities we pursue.  Before we will consider creating, acquiring or otherwise pursuing a prospective business opportunity, we will make a general assessment to determine the feasibility of the business and to identify areas of assistance needed to achieve growth, and sustainability.  The determination will be made by our management and directors.


In assessing the feasibility of any prospective business opportunity, our management and directors will consider market need, potential for profitability, working capital and other financial requirements, future prospects, scalability, barriers to entry and competitive advantage.  Other factors that will be considered include the quality, experience and depth of available technical, financial and managerial resources, the potential for further research, development, or exploration, and whether the business provides an attractive value proposition to potential strategic partners.


This discussion of our selection criteria is not meant to be restrictive of the virtually unlimited discretion of ACBDC to search for and enter into potential business opportunities.  We do not presently intend to restrict our activities to any specific business, industry, or geographical location; however, no intention to participate in any mining related Transactions are expected.  We may participate in a business venture of any kind or nature that is in any stage of its business life.  Notwithstanding, we intend to focus our initial efforts on small- to mid-sized private businesses, with an emphasis on those with operations or planned operations in the sectors of entertainment, finance, environmentally sustainable technology, healthcare, natural resources (specifically oil & gas), real estate and telecommunications.


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