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Ours Are Fact Based Opportunities.


Alexander Christian Talent and Acquisition Group Inc. provides business consulting for companies in any stage of development from early stage to publicly listed. We are selective in terms of early stage opportunities. By understanding the needs of the entrepreneur, we are able to place discretionary funds made available by private investors, government granting agencies and traditional funding sources.  

Organizing a funding mix for your enterprise is challenging. From planning to presenting your funding request, your approach will make all the difference. Once funding is achieved and during the life of your business, we understand what it takes to succeed.

Our clients are thus ensured a suitable form of financing is made available for their business opportunity, growth and/or expansion needs.


ACT maintains an excellent network of business contacts offering opportunities for investment in a wide variety of industry sectors. Whether you seek safety, security or growth, we have the resources to find the opportunity for you. 

Every effort is made in thoroughly conducting the necessary due diligence, both primary and secondary, for investment verification prior to introduction to select parties.


ACT Advisors have a minimum of fifteen years experience in their respective sectors. ACT is continually adding to its network of Advisors whom span the Globe in their collective resources. 

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