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A quick “no” is better than a long drawn out “maybe …” 

​Method of Financing
or Participations

The Corporation will negotiate the terms upon which the prospects which have been identified and evaluated may be acquired or participated in, and will use cash, secured or unsecured debt, the issuance of treasury shares or a combination of the foregoing for the purpose of financing its acquisition of or participation in properties or businesses. Where acquisitions or participations are financed by the issuance of shares from treasury, control of the Corporation may change and shareholders may suffer further dilution to their investment. In most instances Alexander Christian Talent and Acquisition Group Inc. will act as Nominee in order to ensure the appropriate funding structure is created through consultation with its Advisors.

Criteria for
Acquisitions or Participations

The Corporation is currently involved in certain portfolio transactions. Once a suitable property, asset or business is identified and evaluated, the Corporation negotiates the terms under which such property, asset or business may be acquired or participated in by itself or jointly with others.

The acquisition of, or participation in, properties or businesses may arise in numerous ways and management has not placed geographical restrictions on such acquisitions or participations, excepting that only properties or businesses located in Canada or the U.S. will be acquired initially.  The Corporation has not established pre-determined criteria for such acquisitions or participations, other than sound business fundamentals.

Such fundamentals include, but are not limited to:
(a) the ratio of risk to reward;
(b) the cost effectiveness of the acquisition or participation;
(c) the length of the payout period; and
(d) the rate of return.



Focus in renewable sector

Opportunities in Intellectual
Property and Internet Solutions

Real Estate
Distressed Assets, New Build
andBrokerage Services

Focus on Working with Established
Sources of Capital for Active Lending
or Equity Participation​

Media and Entertainment
Children and Family Values related
Content and Select Production​

Long-Term Care Facilities
and Related Services

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