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We are proud to feature the M&A Club and welcome interested parties to learn more about how you may join us in Canada at one of our functions. 

Partner with One of Our Existing Companies: 


Financial Services - seeking Designated Individual for Mortgage Investment Corp.


Media Company - interested in Co-Production Opportunities


Real Estate Development - JV on Brownfield to Greenfield sites


US Only -  Affordable Housing opportunities

New Markets Tax Credit Program - in select US territories 

​​A Feature Documentary: Bearing Point Entertainment Inc.  Budget $750,000. Canadian Film Tax Credits and Incentives Program. 

Private Utility in the Works...


We will construct and operate a private utility system servicing the areas in close proximity to Calgary. We will construct and operate a utility company for sewage collection, sewage treatment, water treatment and water distribution in the region. There is no substitute for water and current users cannot postpone purchases, causing relatively price-inelastic demand. Demand is often unaffected by inflation, interest rates, changing preferences, or inventories. There is a history of strong and consistent demand growth under all market or economic conditions. 


Seeking accretive acquisitions or participations in Canadian projects with PPAs. 






Alexander Christian BDC is seeking succession, amalgamation and growth opportunities. The ideal candidate has a three year normalized EBITDA greater than $1.5M. 

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