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Socially Responsible Investments 

 March 2013


Ethical investment, often known as Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), can be confusing as there are so many shades of “green” funds available through unit trusts, open ended investment companies and investment trusts. Some funds are more environmentally friendly than others.

As conscientious investors, we can help companies take a more responsible attitude to human, animal and environmental rights. We can also help companies developing products to save the environment by choosing to invest in them.

Ethical mutual funds (EMFs) are the most important vehicle for social investment in Canada. EMFs are accessible, relatively unsophisticated and have had good financial success.

ACT's initial focus will be the construction of green/sustainable buildings. This sector presents great opportunities given its high impact on the environment. Buildings account for 40% of primary energy usage in most countries. Furthermore, most builders and developers underestimate benefits while overestimate costs by as much as three times. This opportunity extends well beyond local markets as developing countries such as China and India are constantly looking for ways to reduce energy consumption. These rapidly growing economies are putting up floor space at an amazing rate.

M&A Club


“Gol” is a feature length theatrical documentary that follows the roots of the sport to its current impact on the world's sport stage. The documentary will also feature how soccer has impacted the young generation by empowering youth to push themselves to their highest level which often keeps children out of troubling situations. Furthermore, soccer can provide an escape from the hardships of day to day life in the most impoverished nations. We will also uncover the impact soccer has had on the socio and economic make-up of the most impassioned soccer nations. No story is complete without the ‘dream’. Whether barefoot or with brand name footwear, the sheer drive and love for the game is at the heart of what keeps the largest sports industry alive.

Spring 2018

Exit Strategy is our Quarterly Newsletter for us to share with our trusted clients, investor and advisors who all contribute to our short-list of selected investments and opportunities. ACT works discreetly with bankers, accountants, and legal counsel for referrals that garner our interest in positioning screening for our Due Diligence Process.

Subscribers to Exit Strategy will be screened for suitability for our Short-List of qualified Investors or Advisors who can accelerate the success of enterprises and business development in greater Global Economy. 

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